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Electronic ordering: simple, speedy and accurate

We offer these three choices

  1. Online Ordering
    With online ordering you check stock availability in real time. Order products 24/7/365, and are eligible for a 10% discount. Learn how.
  2. EDI(Electronic Data Interchange)
    EDI allows direct exchange of documents such as PO’s, confirmations, advanced shipping notices, and invoices. One-time order entry into your computer system transmits it to ours simultaneously for fast processing.
  3. XML(Extensible Markup Language)
    This service is identical to EDI with the added advantage that, when ordering, you capture price and availability in real time from the Collars and Couplings database. That means no guessing or additional calls.

Our IT department is ready to help with your EDI and XML needs. If you’re an authorized distributor, you can start ordering online, today. Just contact us.

AS9120B Certified