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With blind drop shipping, your customers get faster delivery and you save money!

Nor risk blind drop shipping

Shipments go directly from our door to your customers’ with your name and address on box labels and packing slips.

Here’s how it works:

  • We ship directly to your customers in plain boxes
  • Labels and packing slips show your name and your customers’, not ours
  • Your customers get faster delivery since packages don’t go to you first
  • You avoid processing and additional shipping costs
  • You don’t pay extra for the service

Since we sell only through distributors, you needn’t worry that we’ll take your customers. In fact, when end-users call us, we refer them to authorized distributors like you, regardless of how much they plead for us to sell them direct.

So start out-servicing your competitors – at a lower cost! Try blind drop shipping with us starting today.

AS9120B Certified